Quality Assurance Management and Inspection

Quality Assurance

Peregrine Solutions Quality Assurance Managers and Inspectors play a crucial role in construction projects by ensuring compliance with all contract specification and drawing requirements through a thorough review of documentation (RFIs, submittals, work plans, etc.) and working closely with the contractor’s Quality Control (QC) team to bring the best possible outcomes in structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical workmanship to project owners.

Our QA Managers and Inspectors have experience working on complex, long-term, multi-year and multi-phase construction projects.  Managing inter-disciplinary teams of professionals and supporting trades, and integrating competing and, at times, conflicting elements into planning and execution processes to encourage and support the smooth evolution of project requirements.  We work to improve efficiency and reduce waste in time and materials.  Leadership skills and experience demonstrated by our QA Managers and Inspectors promotes teamwork and building positive relationships in order to facilitate efficiencies and work completion.