Project Financial Management

Peregrine Solutions Project Financial Managers work with our clients to develop formal project budgets and to review and track budgets, obligations and expenditures in order to mitigate project financial risks and maintain project budgets.  Our Financial Managers engage with project teams, stakeholders and clients to develop detailed formal project budgets and supporting schedules.  Financial Managers utilize these budgets, supporting schedules and other financial tracking mechanisms to control budget line items, monitor and report on project costs.  The formal budget development takes place by researching and obtaining supporting documentation for all known and potential project costs.  Documents obtained may include stakeholder and vendor contracts, bids, proposals, quotes and estimates on procurement of goods and services, negotiations, and industry and historical norms.  Our budgeting process is thorough and complete. We help you maintain your project costs.

Our Financial Managers and Financial/Budget Analysts review construction AIA invoices, and associated contractor invoices for compliance with contractual agreements and requirements, incorporation of contract modifications, contracting officer directives and change orders; as well as against awarded values and overall budgets.  Maintain tracking and provide reporting on contracts and memorandums of understanding, contract modifications, change orders, contractor and inter-agency invoices, contingency, and other project costs.  We know where the money is.

Our Financial Managers and Financial/Budget Analysts provide Audit management services to satisfied clients.  We engage with external auditors to coordinate audit requirement, assign and prepare audit responses, review audit responses for compliance with requests, lead team meetings and keep the audit on schedule.  Our financial analysts provide internal audit services to assure clients that project documents are compliant with contractual requirements and accounting principles.  We are experienced with audit fieldwork, and management.  We make your audits less stressful and more successful.