Project Controls, Document Control and Project Engineer

Peregrine Solutions Project Controls Managers and Document Control Project Engineers implement, direct and control your company’s documents and document routing procedures and storage. 

Our managers have years of experience on large and small construction projects managing, updating and distributing engineering documents such as blueprints, mechanical drawings, specification sheets and change orders.  We work closely with Federal Contracting Officers and Project Executives to inform, educate and update - providing tools for negotiations and contract management.

We design and implement procedures, logs and tracking mechanisms for reporting construction metrics such as SPI, RIR, percent completion of cost and schedule, RFI and submittal turn around times, and design changes. We work with construction team partners and architects to resolve RFIs quickly and to keep as-built documents up to date. 

We enhance reporting by providing quality metrics and proven narrative providing confidence to clients and owners that each project is proceeding according to established timelines and schedules, and mitigating risks by informing project owners when established metric targets are in danger. 

We know where your documents are.